Here are some common questions people ask about P.A.M.C.

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Q: Do I have to be receiving public assistance to receive help from P.A.M.C.?

A: We give our resources freely to anyone who feels they need help keeping their child(ren) safe, clothed and fed.

Q: Can I get a pregnancy test or pick up supplies anonymously?

A: We refer all clients who think they may be pregnant to Pregnancy Resource Center for a pregnancy test. Any information we gather when you pick up resources for your baby or child is kept confidential. We cannot distribute goods anonymously.

Q: I took a home pregnancy test and it is positive. What can P.A.M.C. help me with?

A: We are here to help Midland County residents in any way we can —  we have maternity clothes, as well as books and information about how to care for yourself and the baby inside of you. We can provide referrals to community resources for counseling, food, shelter (if you are in a homeless or abuse situation), prenatal care and, when you are further along in your pregnancy, supplies to welcome your baby into the world (such as car seat, diapers, baby clothes, and more).

Q: I’m pregnant, but am not in a place financially or emotionally where I can keep this baby. Are you able to help?

A: It is our sincere hope and prayer that you are able to give birth to, and raise, your child. The equipment and supplies we provide help with that, in part. However, we also know that in some cases adoption by a loving family is sometimes the only option you have. We do have information for several agencies in the area who work with the birth mother and father to place their baby with a loving adoptive family.

Q: I’m NOT pregnant, but I am raising one or more small children. Does P.A.M.C. have any children’s clothing?

A: Because of generous donors throughout the area, P.A.M.C. is able to provide children’s clothing sizes preemie through 8 childrens. We also carry shoes and diapers in limited quantities. If you have the need, please contact us so that we can assist you.